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Love coffee? Your heart may, too
Study adds to list of possible health benefits from drinking several cups of coffee a day
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Extraordinary Life: Scholar, Scientist, And Serious Artist
Felix Bronner was an urbane scholar and a pioneer in the study of ways calcium affects the body. He was intense, focused, and passionately interested in science as well as in the lives of his friends and colleagues. In his second career, he was a serious artist who specialized in collage and...
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Councilor: Don't use ‘calburo’ to ripen fruits
BACOLOD City Councilor Carlos Jose Lopez has a proposed an ordinance that prohibits the use of calcium carbide or "calburo” as fruit ripening agent. He said that local and international scientific studies indicate that calcium carbide contains traces of arsenic and phosphorus making it a human health concern. In his proposal, Lopez cited that Philippine Constitution’s Article II, Section 15 ...
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Plant-Based Dietary Patterns Paint Picture of Health
The latest advisories from a panel of our nation's leading nutrition experts showcase the benefits of a plant-based diet: for our personal health and for the health of our environment. One in two people who maintain a healthful weight have at least one metabolic risk factor, proving that as a country we're all underserved when it comes to nutrition. The experts recommend moving away from a "one ...
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These 5 Supplements Do Nothing for Alzheimer's, Despite Claims (Op-Ed)
She has published widely on the dietary supplement controversy. On Feb. 3, the New York State attorney general's office demanded that four major retailers — GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreens — remove certain store-brand herbal supplements from their shelves pending further quality-control measures. DNA testing on the supplements showed that a whopping 79 percent contained none of the herbs ...
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Coral reefs are in such bad shape that scientists may have to speed up their evolution
It's not genetic engineering. But in conservation circles, it's still pretty radical.
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