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Report: 3 Health-Conscious Consumer Demographics at Forefront of Emerging Functional Food Trends
ROCKVILLE, Md., Dec. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- With proactive wellness and proper nutrition among leading consumer dietary trends, functional foods are emerging as an increasingly important part of the ...
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Is magnesium deficiency behind many ailments?
This scenario occurs often in American health care:
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Bayer Appoints Cardinal Health as U.S. Based Contract Manufacturer for Xofigo® (radium Ra 223 dichloride) Injection
WHIPPANY, N.J. and DUBLIN, Ohio, Dec. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Bayer HealthCare and Cardinal Health today announced the signing of a 15-year agreement for the contract manufacturing of Xofigo® (radium Ra 223 dichloride).  As part of the agreement, Cardinal Health will build a state-of-the art, 64,000 square foot facility in Indianapolis, which will be dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing ...
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Bone Health To Be A Major Wellness Trend in 2015
It is the season for predicting trends, so as they say in show business, "break a leg." Seriously, bone health is a major issue for women that is under reported.
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A soft coral may withstand climate change, study shows
As the oceans absorb more carbon on a planet increasingly choked by greenhouse gases, scientists worry its reefs - the great storm-deflecting rampart for much of the tropics - will… Click to Continue »
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CT scans of coral skeletons reveal ocean acidity increases reef erosion
For coral reefs to persist, rates of reef construction must exceed reef breakdown. Prior research has largely focused on the negative impacts of ocean acidification on reef growth, but new research demonstrates that lower ocean pH also enhances reef breakdown: a double-whammy for coral reefs in a changing climate.
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