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‘You Are as Old as Your Arteries’ Adage Still Holds True
A new study led by a Baptist Health South Florida researcher shows that absence of coronary artery calcium in elderly individuals directly relates to a very low risk of having a heart attack in the next decade.
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Is our affluent generation making us less healthy?
Our supermarkets abound with a variety of produce and we have access to food from around the globe. There is ease of availability and we are generally more health-conscious today than ever before. However, in our abundance of food choices in today’s generation, compared to Singapore’s earlier days, we are finding ourselves more deficient in calcium. According to the 2013 International ...
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The iOS 8 Health app: What can you do with it today?
Note: At the time of this post Apple has acknowledged issues with HealthKit have delayed numerous third-party health apps. One of the big announcements out of WWDC 2014 was the iOS 8 Health app and the entire HealthKit framework. The framework is...
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HEALTH IS WEALTH Osteoporosis and its risks of fractures
Middle-aged women and men who are suffer ing from hunched spines “gatikoko” who they stand and walk, using canes or walker are probably because of fractured hip bones and spinal column. The main cause is osteoporosis.
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Ocean acidification 'hammering' coral growth
Washington, Sep 18 (IANS) In a disturbing trend, a team of researchers has documented that coral growth rates have plummeted 40 percent since the mid-1970s.
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Nature's tiny engineers
( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) Corals control their environment, stirring up water eddies to bring nutrients.
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