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Stretch Your Budget And Boost Your Health With 14 Superfoods
Superfoods are those vegetables, fruits, legumes, meats, herbs and dairy products that pack significant nutritional punch through high phytonutrient content and other health-protecting properties. What are your favorites?
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Zion Health Announces Natural Remedy to Fight Gum Disease: ClayBrite White Natural Toothpaste.
Zion Health, the leading manufacturer of clay body care products, is proud to announce ClayBrite White Natural Toothpaste formulated to help prevent gum disease; now available to retail outlets in the U.S and Canada. (PRWeb March 25, 2015) Read the full story at
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The grocery list for better bone health
Dr. Charles Price for - Your Universe Online Eating right is the starting point for better bone health because healthy foods are the best source of nutrients that support bones. The 2015 USDA Dietary Guidelines continue to recognize the importance of calcium and vitamin D for bone health. However, diets that also included vegetables, fruits and grains were associated with better ...
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Coffee is a health food: Myth or fact?
Myth or fact? Coffee is good for you.
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Coral Pyramids in Micronesia Date Back to Middle Ages
The royal tombs are tucked away in an artificially built ancient city called Leluh just off the mainland of Kosrae, a Micronesian island. Leluh was home to Kosraean high chiefs (as well as some lower chiefs and commoners, too) from about 1250 until the mid-1800s, when foreign whalers, traders and missionaries started to arrive on the island. With impressive canals and walled compounds built from ...
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Two Broward men sentenced for illegally trafficking in wildlife
Two Broward County men were sentenced Tuesday for conspiring to illegally sell coral taken from a federal sanctuary in the Florida Keys.
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