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Brazil Live Coral Calcium - The Best Coral Calcium Supplement

Brazil Live Coral Calcium is the only live harvested coral calcium.  Brazilian coral calcium is live harvested from the untouched beaches of Brazil.

Most other coral calcium supplement products on the market are from Okinawa Japan and are marine grade coral calcium.  Marine grade coral calcium or below sea coral calcium is vacuumed from the bottom of the ocean, thus being a less pure product containing sand and other materials from the ocean floor.

Brazil Live Coral Calcium also contains more minerals than the Okinawa coral calcium.  Being live harvested and cold processed, Brazil Live Coral Calcium keeps its minerals intact, giving you a superior coral calcium.

Please look at the comparison below and you will see that Brazil Live Coral Calcium is definitely the best coral calcium.

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Brazil Live Coral Calcium

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Okinawa Coral Calcium

Living and Vibrant*
Dead and Degraded
24 x More Trace Minerals*
Low Trace Mineral Content
3 x More Calcium and Magnesium*
Only 30% RDA of Calcium and Magnesium
Cold Processed*
Heat Processed
Marine Nutrients, Proteins and
Enzymes Kept In Tact*
Marine Nutrients Destroyed
Live Harvested Brazilian Coral*
Okinawa Coral Sand

Brazil Live Coral was rated #1 by,
a non profit organization that analyses and rates
coral calcium products.

The comparison of Okinawa coral calcium to Brazil Live Coral Calcium is like frozen or canned produce versus fresh harvested vegetables!  It is analogous to the choice between heat-treated canned peas versus peas picked fresh from your garden - the choice is obvious.

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